Designing an intuitive data exploration experience
Visualizing data for a genetic counselor
OUR Main focus
Enable intuitive data exploration
The Task
Invitae wanted to create a tool which would allow their genetic counselors to explore data processed by different algorithms. Prior to us starting to work on this project, data had to be processed in different places by different tools. There was no streamlined way to compare results efficiently.

Besides just creating the design, we were tasked to create a fully functioning prototype that could process and showcase real data.
The Output
Watch this video for a quick overview of what we've done. Read the rest of the case study to learn details.
To appreciate the design solution for this project, let me briefly describe a few key points:
• We have several unique algorithms that process genetic data

• Each algorithm has it's pros and cons

• While some algorithms are best to look at a small number of variants, some excel at showcasing large numbers

• If a genetic counselor finds what they're looking for through the top ranking algorithms, there's no need to keep on looking. However, in some cases, you may need to further look through vast amount of data.
In short, the further they look, the more data is being processed.

So, we had to consider how a person can efficiently analyze a small amount of highly targeted data vs a large amount of much broader results.
Unique and intuitive navigation gives a visual cue as to how results are presented as you move from one algorithm to the next
personalized experience
Tier 1
Up to 10 results
personalized experience
Tier 2
Up to 50 results
personalized experience
Tier 5
Up to 2,500 results
personalized experience
Tier 6
More than 2,500 results
personalized experience
Data Upload
Intuitive UI to define the family
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