Managing and operating large scale networks
OUR Main focus
Create a pleasant and effective tool for network operators
The Challenge
Is it possible to derive pleasure from something like network administration? That's what we were about to find out.

Nefeli had a raw prototype created entirely by their engineering team (shown here). Our job was to transform their unique and powerful technology into a product which would bring Nefeli vision to life and bring joy to their savvy users (who, lets face it, can be quite skeptical).
The Outcome
Watch this video for a quick overview of what we've done. Read the rest of the case study to understand how we did it.
Visual design
Hey, that looks friendly!
A friendly dashboard showing all key data at a glance
Visual design
Form meets function
Visual network configuration
Visual design
Network function
Visualizing the configuration and status
Visual design
Robust & Intuitive
Intuitive drag&drop interface which allows to define the system architecture, data flow and various parameters
Visual design
Architecturally solid
All configuration pages are straightforward to navigate and use.
A few words about the process
We create tangible deliverables after the very first meeting.
We start by quickly capturing all the requirements in a visual form. Sometimes it looks like an interface, sometimes it doesn't. In this case, our first sketches captured the essence of the product pretty well.
Move the slider left/right to see how a wireframe becomes visual design
Iteration after iteration
Detailed click-through prototypes capture every interaction to eliminate any guesswork for the engineers and therefore save a bunch of development time.
Component Design
We carefully outlined all of the UI components for Nefeli's internal engineering team
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