Twist bioscience
Ordering custom DNA
The Task
We were asked to help Twist's internal team to design an online checkout process for a totally new, revolutionary technology — DNA Printing.

Twist Bioscience has done unimaginable — now scientists and researchers can order custom DNA for their projects.

We had to allow users to specify what kind of DNA is being ordered and provide a smooth checkout experience. Think of it like ordering a custom t-shirt, except in this case it's custom DNA. Instead of choosing the color and graphics, you provide the DNA sequence.
For a moment there we also thought it was a little crazy.
The good news is that we love making totally novel concepts as if they are familiar.
Flow Architecture
We carefully analyzed internal processes and gathered all the requirements. Then we constructed a sequence of flows that would allow for an intuitive order specification and seamless checkout of all user types.
Rapid prototyping
We like to prototype as quickly as possible, moving closer and closer to the finish line with every iteration. That's why in the beginning we don't worry about the visual design — this allows everyone to focus solely on functionality. We use these type of prototypes to gather early user feedback, improve the interaction models and usability.

Below is a video example of a click-through wireframe based prototype we did for this project.
Wireframe based prototype (1:11min)
Visual Design
We created a minimalist visual style centered around the functionality. Nothing takes your attention away from customizing the order and checking out. We designed key screens and handed them off to Twist's internal team for final implementation.
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